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Before 1999, Poipet was just a forest in the middle of what was a conflict area between the Khmer Rouge guerrillas, the refugee camps in Thailand and the Cambodian forces with the support of the Vietnamese army until the peace agreement in 1991. After the banishment of casinos in Thailand, a lot of them were built on the Cambodian side of the boarder. Poipet grew as a shanty town.

In 2002, the DBCF opened  the guesthouse and the store and 30 children came to live on the site. Some classes started at the Literacy Center but it’s only in 2004 that the Don Bosco Center of Poipet opened officially. Nowadays, the house is under the leadership of Fr. Mark Yang.

The center consists of four programs: the children hostel, the literacy school, the food program and the technical school. We contribute to the education of the children with a primary school (Grade 1 to 6) and a secondary School (Grade 7 to 9).

The Technical High school (Grade 10 to 12) is offering the general curriculum of the Ministry of Education and other skill such as Computer and Electricity.

The children Hostel (boarder) is for the poorer students and children.

If you would like more information: http://donboscopoipet.org/


  • Working in Don Bosco Technical school has been an absolute pleasure so far. Being welcomed completely by the community means it only took me two months to call Sihanoukville home. Teaching English to the students here has never once been

    Elena Arellano-Templer
  • The work I have done with Don Bosco, both with teaching and helping with the Children Fund has been all too rewarding

    Maryam Mohamed
  • I am really happy to be here, because I can help poor children who want to study. Although, I cannot help them directly I feel them in my heart. Sometimes the work is hard, but I love it! 

    Pech Chanmey
  • I feel very honored to be part of Don Bosco Children Fund Cambodia. I want to help and encourage the young people of Cambodia to keep studying and to keep going for their dreams.

    Penh Sokkheng
  • Hello! I am Teacher Gary from Brisbane, Australia. I previously taught English in China and Vietnam. Now I’m pleased to be in Cambodia as a volunteer teacher at Don Bosco Sihanoukville since June 2017. It is a pleasure teaching at

    Gary Briggs
  • I'm a volunteer from France and I am very grateful to have worked for the DBCF. They do a lot for the young and the children; thanks to them, a lot of people can access to an education. 

    Marie Caillaux

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It is a special project of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia which was opened in 1992 to outreach and care to children from disadvantage communities and orphans. It grants scholarship to poor children and is supported by international sponsors.