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Toys, Clothes And Shoes For Everyone


sponsors in the Netherlands and Germany support 15 new students!

Don Bosco Children Fund Battambang help children and youth in the province with its basic education scholarship program and studies at Don Bosco, government run schools and other private managed schools. The Salesians established two schools in Battambang, recognized by the Department of Education, Youth and Sports; Don Bosco Andaung Chenh and Don Bosco Salabalath, offering education to basic literacy from nursery to high school levels and technical and vocational education.


  • To provide basic education to poor children and youth
  • To distribute educational materials/equipment and gifts to motivate children/youth and remain in schools to receive education and training
  • To provide feeding programs and promote good eating manners and health habits

To provide basic skills and employable training (agro-vocational) to our students, dropouts and youth

I Srey Im, 8 years old The parents of Srey Im divorced in 2009 and the mother left her with the grandparents. The exact whereabouts of the parents is a mystery as they never contact (nor support) Srey Im.

Now, thanks to the unconditional love and care of a DBCF sponsor, she can go to school and study in grade 1 at Don Bosco Andaung Chenh.


Distribution of toys, clothes and shoes to 114 village children!

Area: Porpealker, Preannil, Panha, Svay Dounkeo, Tahen and Andaung Chenh.

Donated by our sponsors and friends in the Netherlands.





Start construction house for Saun Chhaily and Saun Chhailin (DBCF students) in Preytotoeng village, donated by Hans and Wil van Weele!



First Wing payment to DBCF families

DBCF scholarship is $ 10 – 14/month, according the school level, to be transferred quarterly. Parents or guardians receive support in order to send the children to school. Support is granted to children attending kindergarten, primary and secondary education and vocational skill courses.


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  • Working in Don Bosco Technical school has been an absolute pleasure so far. Being welcomed completely by the community means it only took me two months to call Sihanoukville home. Teaching English to the students here has never once been

    Elena Arellano-Templer
  • The work I have done with Don Bosco, both with teaching and helping with the Children Fund has been all too rewarding

    Maryam Mohamed
  • I am really happy to be here, because I can help poor children who want to study. Although, I cannot help them directly I feel them in my heart. Sometimes the work is hard, but I love it! 

    Pech Chanmey
  • I feel very honored to be part of Don Bosco Children Fund Cambodia. I want to help and encourage the young people of Cambodia to keep studying and to keep going for their dreams.

    Penh Sokkheng
  • Hello! I am Teacher Gary from Brisbane, Australia. I previously taught English in China and Vietnam. Now I’m pleased to be in Cambodia as a volunteer teacher at Don Bosco Sihanoukville since June 2017. It is a pleasure teaching at

    Gary Briggs
  • I'm a volunteer from France and I am very grateful to have worked for the DBCF. They do a lot for the young and the children; thanks to them, a lot of people can access to an education. 

    Marie Caillaux

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logoDon Bosco Children Fund

It is a special project of the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia which was opened in 1992 to outreach and care to children from disadvantage communities and orphans. It grants scholarship to poor children and is supported by international sponsors.